Sketchnote summary of Data Cloud Summit 2021 by Google Cloud.
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In this sketchnote I provide an overview of the most important highlights of all the announcements from Google Cloud’s Data Cloud Summit event. If you’re a data engineer, data scientist, data analyst, developer or business user, this event is for you. Find out how different solutions can modernize or even transform your business, why managed databases are awesome and which questions to ask when designing a data pipeline or AI system.



Discover the new services:

  • Dataflow Prime: autoscaling serverless batch/stream processing + AI
  • Dataplex: data management
  • Datastream: managed CDC
  • Analytics Hub: data exchange
  • Vertex AI: AI lifecycle management


  • BigQuery: after AWS, we now have Omni on Azure
  • Spanner: start small, low cost
  • Cloud SQL: mature service
  • Bigtable: 99.999 SLA
  • Bare metal: Oracle on bare metal

The full event videos are available here:

Also make sure to check out the awesome sketchnotes by Priyanka Vergadia if you’re interested in specifics: